Mattel’s Big Move: 80% of Games to be Colorblind-Accessible by End of 2024!

Mattel to Make 80% of Games Colourblind-Accessible by End of 2024 🎉♟️🎨

Hey, board game lovers! 🕹️ Ever struggle with those colourful pieces in your favourite games? Well, we’ve got some fantastic news from Mattel that’s going to make game night even more inclusive and fun for everyone! 🌍✨

What’s the Buzz? 🐝

Mattel has dropped a major announcement: they’re rolling out plans to make almost all their tabletop games colourblind accessible by the end of 2024! 🎯 This means your beloved games like UNO, Blokus, Skip-Bo, and more will soon be easier to play for those with colour vision deficiencies.

By the end of this year, 80% of their board game line up will be colourblind-friendly. And guess what? Another 10% will join the club by the end of 2025. That's 90% of Mattel’s games getting a serious upgrade in inclusivity! #GameChanger

What’s Changing? 🛠️

Don’t worry, your favourite game pieces aren’t changing colours. Instead, Mattel is adding cool new features to make them easier to distinguish:

  • UNO & Dos: Expect to see small symbols on the cards to differentiate colours. 🎴🃏
  • Blokus: The pieces will now feature different patterns alongside their colours. 🧩✨

These updates ensure that colourblind players can enjoy the same thrilling experience without any hiccups. How awesome is that?

Going Digital 📱

For those who love gaming on the go, Mattel’s got you covered. The mobile versions of these games, through Mattel163 (their collab with NetEase), will also be updated with these new features. And the best part? These updates will be free for all players! 🎮📲 #FreeUpdate

Giving Back 🎁

Mattel isn’t stopping at just updating their games. They’re also donating colourblind accessible versions of their games to summer camps via YMCA, with a donation valued at a whopping $30,000! Camp just got a whole lot more inclusive and fun for everyone. 🏕️💕

Words from the Top 🗣️

Ray Adler, Mattel’s Vice President and Global Head of Games, shared his excitement about this initiative:

"At Mattel, we are proud that our portfolio of games continues to bring people together – transcending languages and cultures – and this initiative to offer more colorblind accessible games is another proof point on our inclusivity journey. We're proud to help spread awareness for the colorblind community and make our products accessible for more people, so that all fans can come together and enjoy universal gameplay."

Why It Matters 🌈

According to a Cleveland Clinic report cited by Mattel, around 300 million people worldwide experience some form of colour-blindness. That’s about 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. These changes are set to make a huge difference in the gaming experience for so many people. #InclusiveGaming

Join the Fun! 🎲

So, get ready to rediscover your favourite games with a fresh, inclusive twist. Whether you’re battling it out in UNO, strategizing in Blokus, or relaxing with Skip-Bo, game night is about to get even better for everyone. 🙌🎉

Stay tuned to for more updates on this and other exciting news in the gaming world! 🌟 And don't forget to share your game night experiences with us using #ColorblindFriendlyGaming.

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