Attack Girl Gun Alpha Tango

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Special effects drama [Girl Gun Lady] fighting with a plastic model has started!

A plastic model that allows you to enter the world of drama and relive the activities of the heroines!
A 1/1 plastic model of the attack girl gun used for shooting.
Express the love gun of each Alpha Tango character by combining custom muzzle parts (strike parts) and personal stickers.
You can reproduce the transformation to the storage form with the grip folded.
Normally 3 cartridges are included. Normally, the cartridge can be loaded on the bottom of the grip.
Attack Girl Gun, Blast Girl Gun, and Change Girl Gun can be linked.
Lady Commander can board the gun.
Display pedestal is included. By combining multiple products, the pedestals can be connected and the guns of all the teams can be displayed as in the play.
[First-time bonus card] is included with the first production! Koharu Tachibana is included with Alpha Tango!


  • Normal cartridge x 3
  • Custom muzzle parts x 1
  • Display pedestal x 1
  • Marking sticker x 1


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