Metal Build Eva 02 2020 Production Mode

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Following METAL BUILD EVA-01 TEST TYPE [EVA2020], EVA-02 in special version is released! Its characteristic crimson body is renewed with gloss and metallic colors. The coloring is a special [EVA2020] version with the touch of silver on various parts of its body.The coloring of the stage and weapons are the same as EVA-01, making the two match perfectly when aligned together.The product comes with a deluxe package that combines silver deposited paper with foil pressing.
[Set Contents] Main body, four pairs of optional hands, Pallet rifle, Thigh pylon, Thunder spear, two Progressive knives, two Progressive knife sheaths, Folding type Progressive knife (folded), Folding type Progressive knife (opened), Headset with goggles, Headset, Shoulder needle launcher left and right, Joint set, Umbilical cable set, Stage set, Support rod


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