Metal Build Gundam F91 Chronicle White

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30 years since 1991-. From [Mobile Suit Gundam F91], whose innovative design fully predicted the arrival of a new generation, the Gundam F91 is newly released with special specifications.

From the 2017 version, the coloring and marking of the main body has been reconstructed based on the matte pearl that is reminiscent of the impression of those days.
Some of the shoulder top parts and movable fin structure have been changed to emphasize the elegant silhouette.
For the package, we have prepared a special sleeve using the sketch drawn by mechanic designer Kunio Okawara during the development of METAL BUILD.
It is a definitive product with optional parts that are equipped with MSV.
MSV option set is also included. Both [Powered Weapon] and [Twin Vesbar], which are variation equipment, incorporate abundant original gimmicks devised by Mr. Kunio Okawara.
Vesber added the expansion and contraction of the barrel and the expansion gimmick of the interlocking rear fins based on the idea of Mr. Kunio Okawara. [Variable speed] is more visually transmitted. In addition to Vesber, beam rifle, beam launcher, beam saber, beam shield are included.
[Face Open: which is a feature of the aircraft, comes with a head that can be reproduced without replacement and a non-deformed head that can be reproduced by replacement.

- set content
・ Main body
・ Replacement head
・ Replacement face parts (open state)
・ Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
・ Vesbar left and right
・ Beam rifle
・ Beam launcher
・ Beam shield
・ Beam generator
・ Beam saber x 2
・ A set of dedicated stands
・ Replacement shoulder armor left and right
・ Powered weapon left and right
・ Twin vesbar set
・ Vesbar joint cap


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