Mobile Suit Gundam G-Frame S.1

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From Bandai Shokugan comes a new line of Gundam figure.
G Frame, as the name indicate, boast its frame which enables the figures wider range of movement. In each display you'll find 10 boxes.
The first volume includes: Nu Gundam (set A / B), Unicorn Gundam (set A / B), and Sazabi (set A / B).
The figure-box called Set A (Armor) comes with the mobile suit’s outer armor with a non-articulated, standing frame.
the figure-box called Set B (Frame) comes with a non-painted bust figure and weapons and an articulated frame that can combine with Set A (Armor).
Sets A & B for each Mobile Suit is sold separately but we sugest to play and combine both sets A & B for full enjoyment: doing so you'll have the complete fun with double option and all range of accessories


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