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A new range of high quality yet affordable ‘Action Busts’ aims to offer an exciting new addition to the collectables range from Beast Kingdom.
The first range focuses on DC characters, giving collectors three new heroes with an immense attention to detail across.

Batman as depicted in the latest DC movies including Justice League is portrayed by the brawny Ben Affleck. Laying the ground for a darker and tougher take on the caped crusader, this bust sees the Dark Knight, taking aim at his enemies with a swift strike of his Batarang. With Ben Affleck passing on his cape make sure to take home a highly collectable item perfect for any bat fan!

The latest incarnation of Wonder Woman has proven to be a massive hit with fans the world alike. Exemplifying beauty and honor, Wonder Woman as portrayed by Gal Gadot is in the midst of defending herself from bullets with sheer force. A true warrior for our times!

Truth and justice personified, Superman is often seen as the peoples hero, one that can’t be turned! The last son of Krypton, and the adopted savior of earth, Henry Cavill’s take on the character also falls in line with this generation’s darker take on DC’s superhero cast. Collectors can expect a bust that sees Superman in the middle of taking on his foe with immense focus.

Each character comes with its dedicated logo base, and a great attention to fine details, from the head carving, to the details on the costumes nothing is spared for fans looking to fill their desks or shelves with high quality busts.
So make sure to collect arguably the three most famous Justice League characters today!


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