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Beast Kingdom, the ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ couldn’t be more proud than to introduce the latest line of D- Stage, ‘Staging Your Dreams’ Dioramas: The Disney Classic Animation Series.
A set of intricately designed Dioramas fit for any desk, Calling all fans of classic Disney animations!!
The new launche features some classic hits: Pinocchio diorama (showcases our hero staring into the stars, with all his friends by his side, a set that showcases childhood wonder!), Marie diorama (shows our high-class felines, including Marie herself adorned with a parasol, sitting on top of a pillow and ball fit for the most elegant of cats), Dumbo diorama (features Dumbo, surrounded by fun balloons soaring in the sky above with Timothy Q the mouse in tow, finally finding stardom and respect!) and DuckTales diorama (definitely follows the theme with a fortune of coins and treasures and sees our fun-loving family on top seeking new adventures and loot to score!)
Using 360-degree, detailed 3D modeling technology as well as including an immense amount of details with each title included as a logo on the base, scenes and characters are realized in incredibly fine details. Standing at 16cm in height, each diorama perfectly fits with the Beast Kingdom selection of D-Stage Disney collectibles


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