Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Diy Set

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Create your own Chocolate Frogs with this mold, DIY boxes and the Wizard cards included.

Each box of this new edition comes with 12 Wizard cards featuring your favorite characters.

Harry Potter discovers the Chocolate Frogs on his first time on the Hogwarts Express with Ron but they became emblematic of the Wizarding World!

New edition with:
Bigger Chocolate Frog
New Wizard cards
New DIY boxes

1 Chocolate Frog mold (6 frogs)
12 Wizard cards
6 DIY Boxes
Mold size: (27*19cm / 10.6*7.5”)
Frogs size: (4.2*6.1cm / 1.7*2.4”)
Mold: 100% food grade PET-G


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