Devil May Cry 1 Dante Premium Statue


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Darkside Collectibles StudioTM proudly presents Dante from the legendary video game series Devil May Cry.

Dante is the main protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. He is the second son of the legendary Dark Knight Sparda and the human Eva, and the younger twin brother of Vergil. Son of murdered parents, Dante is a vigilante Devil Hunter who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of the Demon Emperor Mundus, whom he holds responsible for the death of his Parents. With his sword Alastor and his guns Ebony & Ivory in hand, Dante faces a gauntlet of demon minions on Mallet Island, which ultimately culminates in the last battle with the Demon Emperor Mundus. His sword Alastor is a living Devil Arm, also known as “Thunder Sword” and “Spirit of Lightning”. It is one of the keys that can unlock Dante’s inner, unlimited power – Devil trigger mode – releasing the demon blood in his veins and making him a demon of unparalleled strength. After numerous battles, Dante faces the Demon Emperor Mundus, who flies up to the clouds. Dante gives chase, transforming into devil trigger Sparda´s form – and the epic battle begins.
The Artisans of Darkside Collectibles StudioTM with an unparalleled quality in art, engineering and craftsmanship proudly brings to life the outcome of this epic battle in an amazing high detail statue of 70 cm Height.
Victorious Dante stands on top of the defeated Demon Emperor Mundus.
Beautiful and stylish the statue captures all the detail of the character. Smirk smile expression, classic weaponry, ifrit gauntlets, classic costume all have been developed with stunning accuracy and detail that will satisfy all DMC series fans .
With multiple poses to choose from, Dante can be displayed using a various combinations of his high detailed arsenal and is the first statue of Devil May Cry Series. Vergil will join the fight soon…
With a spectacular finish no matter which angle you look at the statue this is the ultimate Dante.


• One (1) Right arm holding Ivory Gun.
• One (1) Left arm holding Ebony Gun.
• One (1) Left arm holding Alastor Sword down.
• One (1) Right arm holding Sparda Sword.
• One (1) Left arm with Ifrit Gauntlet.
• One (1) Right arm with Ifrit Gauntlet.
• One (1) Back accessory Alastor.
• One (1) Certificate of Authenticity.


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