Fantasy World Cr. The Master Black Book

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From the authors of Fantasy World Creator, the new amazing tool for Dungeon Masters:

It consists of a booklet, A5 format, with 150 completely rewritable pages (in perfect FWC style) correlated with 4 fine line markers, ideal for writing, in black - red - green and blue, and a box for the safekeeping and transportation of the book

Inside you will find:

Sheets to keep track of your party in all its aspects (stats, alignments, objects, wagon etc.)
A tracking to mark the duration of effects and spells, to be combined with the combat tracking already provided in the Treasure Pack
A bestiary to customize your sessions (with all FWC illustrations)
Sheets to describe NPCs
Tools for your adventures and campaigns: starting from the schemes to mark the time, up to a series of maps to allow you to add notes to the places in every detail.
Striped sheets for notes and squared sheets to draw Dungeons

150 Utility pages designed for Dungeon Masters, but useful also to players who want ot have everything at glance.


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