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Fantasy World Creator is the ultimate tool for any Dungeon Master!

Create the map of your adventure using the tiles connectable with the jigsaw joint system and personalize it writing on them with the included dryboard erasable marker.

Add details with the enviromental tokens and include in it traps, doors, portals, roofs and many others.

Populate your dungeons with monsters, creatures and NPC using their stand-up markers

Have your party exploring the map moving the stand-up characters tokens, keep track of their progress using the rewritable characters sheets and the status tokens.

Everything, from the tiles to the tokens is fully writable and re-writable using the included erasable markers

Plan everything using the app on your PC, tablet or smartphone

Fantasy World Creator includes:

126 Modular, double-sided, tiles with a jigsaw joint system (18 tiles 8x8 inches, 48 tiles 4x4 inches, 60 tiles 4x2 inches), with various settings including: wildlands, dungeon, palace, interior, underground. All the tiles have a 1x1 inches grid overprinted on them.

155 Stand-up character tokens (24 PC and NPC tokens, 101 standard creatures tokens, 30 large creatures tokens), stand bases + white customizable tokens

140 Enviroment tokens

80 Status tokens

6 character sheets

2 Dry Erasable Markers

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