Fwc Dungeon & Town Core Box

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From the crators of FANTASY WORLD CREATOR arrives DUNGEON & TOWN

Dungeon & Town is the new set that implements the 3D into your adventures with hundreds of elements. It can be used with “Fantasy World Creator” or even only with a battlemat.

Each Dungeon&Town cardboard item has a double plastic lamination. This treatment protects against wear and guarantees durability, scratch resistance and rewritability. A 2mm thickness makes all items solid and resistant to bending, so that you can write on them with dryboard marker, then erease and write again.
The edges of D&T stands are rounded to avoid cardboard scratches, so everything can be assembled without glue, disassembled and assembled again using the textured bases that feature a new diagonal slit that will allow 45° and 135° angle corridors and rooms and infinite interlocking combinations, making the whole structure solid and quick to build.

The Core box contains:

98 Walls & Roofs
30 Accessories
70 Props
80 Stands


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