Fallout Nuka World Welcome Kit

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Welcome to Fallout Nuka-World, a place with all the zip of Nuka-Cola, with rivers made of quantum and fizzy mountaintops.

This kit contains the key to all the fun, games and rides here at Nuka-World, a park with every minimum acceptable safety standard met.

Walk through the stars or blast off to the future at Galactic Zone, Pan for gold alongside Mad Mulligan at Dry Rock Gulch, witness the magic at Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant, go for a spin at Kiddie Kingdom or relive the good old days at Fizztop Mountain, Nuka-Town U.S.A. enjoy some Monkey business on the Safari Adventure.

Kit Contents

- Nuka Cola Vending Machine Inspired Case including an Animated Screen
-Music Box playing the Nuka World Theme Song
- Nuka World Theme Park Ticket – Admit’s One
- Nuka World Theme Park Guidebook detailing the information & restrictions for the attractions within the Park
- Nuka World Map detailing the locations for all the attractions within the Park.
- VIP Lanyard & Pass for the Park.
- Nuka World Park Mascots - Bottle & Cappy Pin Badge
- Nukacade Token – Can be spent at the machines in the Nuka-Cade in order to win tickets to redeem various prizes.
- Nuka World Bottle Cap Collection – 4 Bottle Caps
- 2 Nuka World Tickets –
1 Nuka-Cade ticket used to buy items and weapons at the prize terminal located in the arcade.
1 Grandchester Mystery Museum ticket used to gain entry into the attraction.
Find the hidden Cappy’s Flyer – Can you find all the hidden Cappy’s this flyer is sure to help you along the way!
- Bottle & Cappy stickerNuka World coaster
- A Cappy crazy straw for drinking all that Nuka Cola


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