Aliens Burning Armored Carrier Vehicle

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From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! A lone survivor,
floating through space. A distress call from a distant colony.
A group of battle hardened marines, full of confidence and
loaded for bear. Yet no one can be prepared for what
awaits them on LV-426. This time, it's war! You asked for it;
Hiya delivered! The M577 Armored Personnel Carrier is a
key part of the USCM's tactical response. Lightweight, yet
heavily armed, the M577 delivers an entire squad of
Colonial Marines anywhere it's dropped. This new Burning
Armored Personnel Carrier adds a film-accurate paint
deco, as well as removable flames for any recreation of a
Colonial Marine assault. This 1/18-scale vehicle measures
app. 16" long and holds up to 14 1/18-scale figures.


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