AVP Warrior Predator PX 1/18 Scale Figure

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From Hiya Toys. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! In 2004,
industrialist Charles Bishop Weyland sends a group of
explorers to investigate a mysterious Antarctic pyramid.
They arrive and immediately discover they've entered a
Yautja hunting ground. Now caught between a trio of
Hunters and a host of xenomorphs, the team must find a
way to escape…or risk becoming prey or trophy! In the
denouement of Alien Vs. Predator, lone survivor Lex is
greeted by a group of newly arrived Yautja, there to collect
the body of the fallen Scar. These Warrior Predators bear a
passing resemblance to the original Jungle Predator, with a
combistick, plasmacaster, and extended wristblades.
However, this Warrior Predator adds a calf-mounted blade,
and wears revised armor. Along with its shruiken,
additional hands, and a peggable stand, this Yautja is
loaded for bear!


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