Arkham Night Batgirl 1/10 Statue

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The most iconic version of the heroine appeared in the TV series \”Batman\” of 1966, and thanks to the success of the series and charisma of the personage, was incorporated to the comic in 1967. In this incarnation, the heroine is the librarian Barbara Gordon, daughter of James Gordon, the Gotham City Police Commissioner.

In 1988 Barbara became paraplegic after being shot by the Joker in Alan Moore\’s classic graphic novel \”The Deadly Joke\” by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, and went on to act in the fight against crime as the \”Oracle\” hacker, aiding all heroes with information; and also formed the group Birds of Prey alongside the heroines Hunter and Black Canary.

She returned to walk and act as Batgirl after the reboot of the DC editorial line called \”The New 52\”. The game Arkham Knight brings Batgirl as the main character in a side story, showing events from the past where she confronts the Joker in an abandoned amusement park, in search of her father kidnapped by the villain.

Limited Edition.
Crafted with real 3D reference from the game.
Made of Polystone with cape crafted in real fabric.
Manually painted.
Comes with a base to display the character.


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