Mobile Suit Gundam Princ Zeon Army Soldier 02

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Mobile Suit Gundam introduces a new mobile figure series "Gundam Military Generation (GMG)" with a focus on "Soldiers"!
In the first memorial, we have a lineup of three types of general soldiers of the Zeon army, two male soldiers and one female soldier of different body types.
The height of the painted figure is approximately 10 cm (1/18 scale).
You can respond to various poses by moving the whole body.
General Soldier 01 comes with optional sniper rifle and camouflage net as an optional part.
General soldier 02 comes with optional shotgun and land mover as optional parts.
The General Soldier 03 has the image of a communication soldier who is indispensable for a platoon, and a communication set and binoculars with a tripod are included as optional parts.


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