Harry Potter Professors PVC Wands Box Display (9)


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The Noble Collection is pleased to announce series 3 of PVC Mystery wands CDU The Professors Series.

Each 9 piece CDU contains one each of the following PVC wands (approx 12 inches) in a mystery pack with a plastic base emblazoned with the Hogwarts School crest and the name of the wand wielder and fronted by with a die cast emblem specific to the wand's owner.

Professor Filius Flitwick with the Charms Class quill pen
Professor Severus Snape with a potion cauldron
Professor Pomona Sprout with a Mandrake
Professor Sybil Trelawney with the Divination Crystal Ball
Professor Albus Dumbledore (The Elder Wand) with Dumbledore's stair statue
Professor Horace Slughorn with an hourglass
Professor Alastor Moody with his magical eye
Professor Minerva McGonagall with her Animagus feline form
Professor Remus Lupin with the Boggart cupboard


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