Batman Detective Comics #1000 Statue

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From the Museum Masterline DC series, "Detective Comics # 1000 Cover Batman" is the long-awaited lineup!

Designed based on the cover art of "Detective Comics # 1000" by Jason Fabok, an artist who works on many DC works, this work is exactly what makes Batman fans groan. It is a masterpiece to carefully capture the essence of Jason Fabok's original art and sublimate it into a three-dimensional object by making full use of the modeling power of Prime 1.

Batman, with its dignified black and gray classic colors, faithfully reproduces the muscular and massive style. The beauty of the raised muscles, the wrinkle expression of the costume, and the details that make you feel the touch of the pen seen in the original art are full of highlights. The powerful standing figure that makes you feel sadness and determination as a dark hero overwhelms what you see.

And the biggest attraction of this work is the masterpiece of cloak modeling! The cloak, which is rough and beautiful and flutters upwards, has a tremendous impact unlike any other. Please enjoy the dramatic expression as if you opened the door of a new Batman modeling, which was produced with a lot of attention.

The head, which is not only Batman-like but also the charm of art, which is a concept, is not only the normal head parts facing the front, but also the appearance of pulling the chin slightly downward as if looking down on the lower world. Reproduced head parts are included. You can replace it if you like.

The base part, which enlivens the world view of Mr. Fabock's work, is modeled on the rooftop of the building faithfully to the original art. Not only the realistic texture of the outer wall and chimney, but also the smoke flowing under your feet and the countless bats flying around are expressed, and in combination with the imposing Batman, the work is pushed to a higher level.

Don't miss this work, which will be an important part of the Batman collection.

Product Specifications:
Includes 2 types of replacement head parts
Dedicated base included

Format: Museum Masterline
Series: Batman
Scale: 1/3 Scale
Product code: MMDC-50
Assumed size Overall height: 104.8cm Overall width: 83.0cm Depth: 70.0cm
Estimated number of cartons: 3
Estimated weight: 22.2kg
Material: Polystone (some different materials are used)
EAN: 4582535949215


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