Berserker Guts Armor Rage Edition Statue

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"The cursed and powerful mad warrior is back ... !!" In the

manga "Berserk", his overwhelming ability and vivid battle depiction have made him a representative of the work. ".

Prime 1 Studio has three-dimensionalized the appearance of the main character Guts wearing this "cursed armor", which is extremely popular with fans, as a statue in the past.

This time, the guts are re-lined up as the latest work of the Prime 1 Studio "Berserk" series. The "ultimate berserker" statue created by completely new modeling is finally here!

Named Rage edition, this is a three-dimensional image of a state dominated by hatred and resentment by the curse of armor. Not only the helmet that changed into a wolf-like shape due to the influence of Guts's "inner beast", but also the devilish expression inside it is faithfully reproduced. Two types of head parts are included and can be replaced as you like.

The modeling of the armor that makes you feel the superhuman fighting power and the cursed and equipped terribleness is the astonishing perfection that can only be done by Prime 1 who has worked on many works related to "Berserk".

The overwhelming power of the pose, which holds a huge "dragon roll" covered with fresh blood in front, is about to start moving. Please pay attention to its precise and dynamic modeling.

The masterpiece of the world view of "Berserk" is a breathtaking amount of information. The crocodile monster, the demon soldier, who has become a skeleton due to the overwhelming combat power of Guts, will liven up the work with a strong impact.

Don't miss the latest and greatest gem of the Prime 1 Studio "Berserk" series.

Product Specifications:
Includes 2 types of replacement head parts.
Dedicated base included

Format: Ultimate Premium Masterline
Series: Berserk
Scale: 1/4 Scale
Product code: UPMBR-18
Assumed size Overall height: 67.5cm Overall width: 68.7cm Depth: 64.4cm
Estimated number of cartons: 2
Estimated weight: 40.8kg
Material: Polystone (some different materials are used)
EAN: 4582535948560


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