Guyver III Ultimate Version Statue

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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present 1/4 scale UPMGV-04UT: Guyver III Ultimate version from Guyver: The Bioboosted armor. The 32 inches tall statue represents Guyver III defeating Gregole, one of the very first strength-type Zoanoids developed by Kronos, standing in his way. This Ultimate version comes with the PBGV-02 (CHE SAREBBE IL BUSTO DI CUI SOTTO) which you will be able to interchange the upper torso with the statue. This is the ultimate Guyver must-have pieces for all Guyver fans!

Statue features:
Statue Size approximately 32 inches tall [(H)82.1cm (W)48.7cm (D)61.7cm]
Bust Size approximately 14 inches tall [(H)36.1cm (W)20.7cm (D)18.2cm]
Two (2) interchangeable right-arms
Three (3) interchangeable left-arms
One (1) interchangeable pair of High-Frequency Sword extended
One (1) interchangeable pair of High-Frequency Sword short
One (1) PBGV092: Guyver III Bust**
Edition Size: 750
The Upper Torso can be interchangeable with Guyver III Statue Upper Torso


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