Jurassic World Mosasaurus Excl Statue

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such prey as seabirds, sharks, large fish, plesiosaurs and even other mosasaurs.
Prime 1 tried to capture the scene of Mosasaurus consuming a shark and made it into diorama (shark is available only with Exclusive Version). The statue is made with a high attention to details by recreating the skin wrinkles, muscles, water effect to be as perfect as possible in this dynamic pose. This 1/15 scale Mosasaurus statue measures approximately 26 inches tall with over 35 inches wide.

This is a must-have piece for all Jurassic World fans!

[Product Specifications]

・Statue Size approx. 26 inches tall [H:65.7cm W:87.8cm D:51.6cm Max width:92.1cm]
・One (1) specially designed theme base
・One (1) Shark statue (In the Exclusive Version only)

Formats Legacy Museum Collection
Series Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Film)
Scale 1/15 Scale
Product Code LMCJW2-06EX
Product Size Approx. H:65.7cm W:87.8cm D:51.6cm
Max width:92.1cm
Product Carton Boxes Approx. 2
Product Weight Approx. 49.7kg
Material Polystone and other materials
EAN 4582535941905


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