RPG Combat Map Dungeon 30X30 In

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Re-writable terrain mat for RPGs and boardgames.
The perfect tabletop gaming map to set and sketch your favourite roleplaying games.
Size 32x32" (81x81cm), with a grid divided into 30x30 square of 1" (2,5cm) for each side, set in the stone background of a dungeon floor.

Set your adventures in RPGs with precision and attention to details. The interior of an underground dungeon, the hall of a castle, the room of a tower: on Combat Map - Dungeon you can recreate all of that and, once finished to play, delete everything with a sponge, literally!
The high quality PVC surface allows you to sketch everything you want with water-based marking pens, to remove all with a simple cloth soaked with water and to reuse Combat Map - Dungeon to a new setting.


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