Metamor-Force Machine Robo Rev Cronos

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Fascinating dream collaboration! Baikanfu of new era!
From concept design to supervision of modelling, this is a full collaboration between METAMOR-FORCE developed by Sentinel and Masami Obari. We call this METAMOR-FORCE BARI-ATION!

As the memorable first item, we give you Baikanfu, which Mr. Obari was the animation director of the first episode of the main story of Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos.
Prototype production is by Mr. Tetsuya Ikeda (Origin), the representative of digitarian a 3D modelling team currently being very successful at events etc.
From the head which Mr. Obari is very picky about, to Pile formation and action(articulation), this is an unprecedented Sentinel toy which stretches everything to the maximum.

The package art is an illustration by Mr. Obari.

Baikanfu weapon (Kenro Sword, Nagase Sword, Twin blade parts)
Kenryu weapon (Kenro Sword, Shield)
Rom weapon (Kenro Sword, Nagase Sword, Twin blade)
Exchangeable Hand Parts (Baikanfu/LR x 4sets, Kenryu/LR x 4 sets, Rom/LR x 4 sets)
Baikanfu exchangeable shoulder armor


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