Sham One Piece Wanted Bounty A4 Poster 3,500,000 Belly

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Capture the essence of the Syrup Village Arc with this A4 poster featuring Sham, one of the notorious Nyaban Brothers and an officer of the Black Cat Pirates in the One Piece world. With a bounty of 3,500,000 Belly, Sham stands as a formidable and distinctive character during this early arc.

The poster showcases Sham's unique design and role as part of the Nyaban Brothers, who serve as the protectors of the Black Cat Pirates' ship, the Bezan Black. As a supporting antagonist in the Syrup Village Arc, Sham contributes to the challenges faced by Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in their early adventures.

This poster serves as a nostalgic piece for fans who appreciate the earlier arcs of One Piece, capturing the spirit of the Syrup Village storyline. Display it as a reminder of the dynamic characters and intriguing challenges that marked the early stages of the Straw Hat Pirates' journey.

Whether you're a seasoned One Piece enthusiast or simply a fan of the Nyaban Brothers, this A4 poster is a wonderful addition to your collection, allowing you to relive the excitement of the Syrup Village Arc in all its glory.

One Piece Wanted Poster

  • One Piece Anime Inspired
  • High Quality Print
  • A4 Size
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • Frameable


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