Soul King Brook One Piece Wanted Bounty A4 Poster 383,000,000 Belly

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Behold the Wanted Bounty Poster for the "Soul King" Brook! This A4 Poster pays homage to the talented musician of the Straw Hat Pirates, capturing the essence of Brook's unique and lively personality. As the ninth member to join the crew, Brook's journey from the Thriller Bark Arc to becoming a Senior Officer of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet is celebrated in this poster.

Brook's distinctive appearance as a living skeleton with a stylish afro is prominently featured, showcasing his iconic and memorable character design. The poster also highlights Brook's Devil Fruit ability, the Yomi Yomi no Mi, which granted him a second chance at life after death and control over souls.

Whether you're a fan of Brook's musical talents, comedic moments, or heartfelt backstory with Laboon, this poster serves as a delightful reminder of the "Soul King's" role in the Straw Hat Pirates. Display it proudly to commemorate Brook's journey and his pursuit of fulfilling his dream to reunite with Laboon at Reverse Mountain.

One Piece Wanted Poster

  • One Piece Anime Reproduction
  • High Quality Print
  • A4 Size
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • Frameable


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