Bartholomew Kuma One Piece Wanted Bounty A4 Poster 296,000,000 Belly (Alternate)

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Behold the formidable Bartholomew Kuma, former Warlord of the Sea and founding member of the Revolutionary Army, showcased in this striking A4 poster. With a bounty of Beli296,000,000, Kuma's imposing presence and unique backstory are captured in this eye-catching design.

As a pirate sailing the seas solo, Kuma's moniker as the "Tyrant" struck fear into the hearts of many. The poster also highlights his transformation into a Pacifista, a cyborg developed by the brilliant scientist Vegapunk. Kuma's pivotal role in separating the Straw Hat Pirates during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, ultimately leading to their growth, is depicted as a key moment in his complex storyline.

Display this alternate bounty poster to honor Bartholomew Kuma, a character whose actions and sacrifices played a significant role in shaping the events of the One Piece world.

One Piece Wanted Poster

  • One Piece Anime Reproduction
  • High Quality Print
  • A4 Size
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • Frameable


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