Transformers Rodimus Prime Change P Statue

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Formerly known as Hot Rod and was first seen in The Transformers: The Movie but was reformatted into Rodimus Prime when he received the Autobot Matrix of Leadership from his mentor Optimus Prime, and assumed the role of the movie's protagonist.
Hot Rod is often portrayed as energetic, yet brash and headstrong, with an overwhelming self-confidence that borders on arrogance. As Rodimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, he is significantly more mature, physically powerful and instilled with the wisdom of the previous holders of the Matrix of Leadership. Regardless of this, Rodimus is plagued by lack of confidence and often doubting his own decisions and feeling he is in the shadow of previous leader, Optimus Prime.
L.E.D. Lightings: Eyes & Matrix, with Touch Sensor On/Off

In the Package you will have:
- 2 Head with 2 expression
- 2 Pairs of Arms
- 1 Rilfle
- 1 Matrix
- 1 Pair of Wings

Limited Edition 500


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