Nami One Piece Wanted Bounty A4 Poster "Eye Catcher"

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Introducing the "Cat Burglar" Nami Wanted Bounty Poster—a must-have for every devoted One Piece fan!

This A4 poster beautifully showcases Nami, the talented navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. As the third member to join the crew, Nami's incredible navigational skills, intelligence, and determination make her an indispensable part of the Straw Hat crew.

Nami's journey began as a member of the Arlong Pirates, where she faced hardships and oppression. Her adoptive sister, Nojiko, and her were orphaned and taken in by Bell-mère. Initially joining the Straw Hats with the intention of robbing them to buy back her village from Arlong, Nami underwent a significant transformation. She ultimately joined the Straw Hats for real after they rebelled against and defeated Arlong.

Nami's dream is to create a complete map of the entire world, reflecting her deep passion for navigation and exploration. Celebrate the courage and resilience of "Cat Burglar" Nami by adding this "Eye Catcher" Wanted Bounty Poster to your One Piece collection. It's a vibrant tribute to one of the beloved characters in the series and a fantastic addition to your One Piece memorabilia!

One Piece Wanted Poster

  • One Piece Anime Reproduction
  • High Quality Print
  • A4 Size
  • 297mm x 210mm
  • Frameable


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