Batman Justice Buster Nizzi Ultimate Edition

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"Josh Buster" and "Batman Advanced Suit", the strongest collaboration works of Prime 1 Studio with "Josh Nizzy" who works on the concept art of many Hollywood movies, are now available as the Ultimate Museum Masterline! !!
Based on the concept that if the strongest team "Justice League" goes out of control, the strongest suit "Justice Buster" prepared by "Batman" is three-dimensional on a powerful scale to prevent unexpected runaway. To.

The Justice Buster is equipped with weapons for each member of the Shastys League.
The left shoulder is equipped with a "flash" countermeasure gun mount, and the left arm is equipped with a "Wonder Woman" countermeasure projectile "Vines of Vale" and a "Aquaman" countermeasure gun that takes away water.
The right shoulder is equipped with an electromagnetic device for "cyborg", and the right hand is an LED that emits red sunlight as a countermeasure against "Superman". Also pay attention to the concept, which literally has no blind spots.
The atmosphere of the Justice Buster body is created by pursuing realism even with small scratches and dirt on the body.

The LED emits light from the head, back thrusters, chest, shoulders, and chest.
In addition, replacement parts include deployment parts for weapons that use heat and cold, which are mounted for the chest against Superman, and replacement parts that can reproduce the opening and closing of the flight wing on the back.
As the centerpiece of this product, attached parts that can reproduce the state in which the included "Batman Advanced Suit" is on board.
The base is a torn red mask of "Flash", a broken trident of "Aquaman", a red cloak of Superman, a twisted arm of "Cyborg", a cracked shield of "Wonder Woman", and "Green Lantern". Items that are the motif of each hero, such as the broken lantern, are scattered in the base and reproduced in a scene reminiscent of the situation that fought with the Justice League.

This Ultimate Bonus Edition comes with 2 types of replacement head parts for the included "Batman Advanced Suit", and as a replacement weapon part for the Batman Advanced Suit, the weapon "Kryptonite" for "Superman". Comes with a spear.
It is possible to widen the width of the display different from the normal version.

It is an item that you definitely want to add to your collection.

Product Specifications:

Dedicated base is included.
Built-in LED light-up function for head, chest, armpits, shoulders, back, arms, right hand
Left and right chest replacement parts x 1
Back replacement parts x 8 (wing deployment 4, non-deployment parts 4)

Includes 1 Batman Advanced Suit
Includes 3 types of replacement heads for Batman Advanced Suit
(Normal, head with visor, head with full face mask)
Batman Advanced Suit Fabric Material Cape
Built-in chest LED light-up function
This bonus version comes with a Kryptonite spear as a weapon part for replacing the Batman Advanced Suit.

Format: Ultimate Museum Masterline
Series: Justice League (Comic)
Scale: Non Scale
Product code: UMMDC-03UTS
Assumed size Overall height: 88cm Overall width: 75.3cm Depth: 71.1cm
Estimated number of cartons Four
Estimated weight 57.6kg
Material: Polystone (some different materials are used)
EAN: 4582535948027


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