Dark Knight III Batman Vs Superman Bonus

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We would like to announce the latest in our Ultimate Diorama Masterline series: Batman vs. Superman from one of the variants covers of The Dark Knight III - The Master Race graphic novel!
Coming in at a whopping 43 inches tall, our diorama statue freezes time at the exact moment Batman, decked out in state-of-the-art, anti-metahuman armor, lands a jaw-breaking punch on Superman!
Our Deluxe Version raises the bar on this iconic battle! Switch out Batman’s helmet with another version of his armor-plated and LED-illuminated helmet. Or, to make it extremely personal, have Bruce look Clark right in the eye as he punches him by switching to Batman’s non-helmeted head. To complete this scene, swap the garbage on the ground with Batman’s helmet that Superman has just torn off. Or, to add another angle of attack, switch out Batman’s left arm with another arm holding Batman’s high-decibel sonic cannon.
And as a special treat for the Bonus part, we are including another Batman portrait for this groundbreaking diorama: Batman with Damaged Helmet. During their fight, Superman rips part of Batman’s armored helmet off, and leaves Bruce exposed and enraged!
Product Specifications
Statue Size approximately 43 inches tall H:110cm W:96.0cm D:76.0cm
One (1) Crime Alley themed base
Three (3) Interchangeable Batman portraits
Two (2) Interchangeable Batman Left Arms
Two (2) Interchangeable Ground Props
LED Illuminated Batman eyes, and Crime Alley lamppost
One (1) Interchangeable Bonus Batman Portrait -BONUS PART-


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